Nissan Skyline GTR

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This is a site all about Nissan Skyline Gtr. R32 R33 R34 R35.You name it!

You will find some really nice pictures about Nissan Skyline Gtr and a few of my favourite videos too. Im a huge GTR lover. My dream is to own a Nissan Skyline GTR R34 one day.I know for sure theres a number of people like me, fans of Nissan Skylines so I've created this website especially for you all like me. I have chosen images and videos which i fell in love with when i saw them and i want you to see them too and i hope you like them too.

The GT-R is the world’s fastest accelerating production four-seater. Nissan GT-R engines are hand built by race engineers. The GT-R is more slippery than a Ferrari 458 Italia. The GT-R’s gearbox changes gear as fast a Ferrari Enzo’s. The GT-R is better in the snow than an SUV.